2014/2015 Roster

Warragul Pony Club Roster  2015/16


Please arrange to swap with another member if you are unable to make it to Pony club on the day of your duty.


Canteen manager is Sally Rachubinski so please see her if you have any concerns or questions regarding canteen duty.  Details are pinned on the fridge in the canteen so that you know what is expected. You will need to be on hand between 11am and 1:30 pm to help prepare food and serve at lunch time.


Set up duty will start at 8.30am .  This will give you time to set up and then help your child or children saddle up if needed. Lessons normally start at 10am. Set up duties are:


·         Set up arenas using ropes.

·         Take out and set up jumps.

·         Take out any other equipment needed for games etc.


There will always be someone more experienced rostered on with newer members so please feel that you can ask for guidance if you are not sure what needs to be done.


At the end of each Rally, everyone is on pack up duty.

Riders can tie up their horses and also help out.